On Friday May 25, 'STACKED' - the debut solo exhibition by MUCHOS with kick off at The Culprit Club, and boy are we hyped about it! Having had a few visits from MUCHOS over the years, and his work featuring in a number of in house group exhibitions, we're very excited to see MUCHOS take over the space with his solo series.


STACKED is an ongoing series of work by Adelaide based artist, MUCHOS that explores the ideas of form, composition and balance in day-to-day life.

Through the symbolism of seemingly ordinary objects, MUCHOS uses his cheerful colour pallet and creative composition to express a ‘balancing act’ of objects existing in harmony, working with one another, despite their unusual positions and differences.

“It comes back to the way we live our lives, constantly juggling our time and energy across different commitments, trying to work out how each individual thing will fit into the next,” - MUCHOS.

Traveling from his hometown, Adelaide for this debut exhibition, join us in welcoming MUCHOS to Brisbane on Friday, May 25th from 6PM (exhibition launch night).

stacked-muchos-theculpritclub.jpeg stacked-muchos-brisbane-theculpritclub.jpeg
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