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Prolific in the national and international graffiti scene, and fast becoming one of Australia’s most promising conceptual artists, JOHN KAYE’s diverse range of paintings have seen his style and success praised across an international scale. 

The Culprit Club is proud to announce, PORCELAIN PARADISE - A Book Launch and Exhibition by John Kaye.

PORCELAIN PARADISE as a publication was created from a personal journal that contained daily thoughts and drawings – recorded over a four month period in eight different countries beginning in January 2016.

The artwork exhibited in this show was inspired and created throughout this experience. All artworks available in the PORCELAIN PARADISE showcase are new, original works, available exclusively via The Culprit Club.

We catch up with the lege for a quick chat about the Porcelain Paradise and the inspiration behind it.

Can you talk us through the name Porcelain Paradise and what it means to you? 

JK: It's a personal and important title to me that directly reflects my own experiences and then as a result has lead me to this point. The details and stories aren't so important at the moment but the name is a good fit and something that certain people can consider, interpret and possibly relate to.

What made you decided to turn the idea into a book? 

JK: It's something that made me feel really uncomfortable, I'm not naturally an outgoing person and the idea of publishing the pages of my diary was intimidating to say the least. 'Porcelain Paradise' Is literally my personal notes and drawings to myself, accompanied by all my paintings and photographs from the same period. It's where all my work begins and stems from, and it's the most honest thing I have to offer at present. I have treated every copy of this "book" as a personal piece of artwork. It's probably the most important thing i've made to date. Even though i'm still hesitant about the whole idea, there isn't much satisfaction in comfort anyway.

How many works are you exhibiting in the show and how do they correlate to the book?

JK: There is a series of nine paintings along with some larger work that will be on display. Everything I am exhibiting reflects on the same experiences and is the direct outcome of whats captured within the publication. 

You've said your travel experiences are the heavy influence of these works. Can you tell us about a few key moments that inspired you from your trip?

JK: Every moment contributes in one way or another, i can't highlight a particular event that inspired me, they are all as important as each other. One thing might seem to effect me more deeply, but as far as the work goes- everything eventually connects.

Seems like you've been travelling forever. Good to be home?

JK: You know what they say!

Why exhibit at The Culprit Club? 

JK: I wanted to make sure this happened in Brisbane, and I'd heard good things. 

john kaye porcelain paradise the culprit club john kaye porcelain paradise the culprit club the culprit club john kaye art
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