Huge thank-you to everyone who came out to Falco's exhibition launch of 'Wall Studies' on Friday! Such a crazy sucess with the entire show selling out before 9PM! In case you missed out, here's a few snaps of the event captured by our photographer, Markus Ravik. Limited print releases of Falco's pieces will be available via our online store this week - stay tuned!

culprit_club_0418_markus_ravik-005.jpg culprit_club_0418_markus_ravik-008.jpg culprit_club_0418_markus_ravik-023.jpg culprit_club_0418_markus_ravik-012.jpg culprit_club_0418_markus_ravik-002.jpg culprit_club_0418_markus_ravik-025.jpg culprit_club_0418_markus_ravik-013.jpg culprit_club_0418_markus_ravik-032.jpg
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Culprit Club

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