• ON SALE: Ironlak Aquarelle Brush Tip Watercolour Marker Set

ON SALE: IRONLAK Ironlak Aquarelle Brush Tip Watercolour Marker Set Create beautiful water based works with Ironlak’s range of Aquarelle Markers. Available in a huge range of vivid colours, each one comes equipped with dual nylon brush tips – allowing for both broad strokes and fine detailing. The water based dye ink utilised in the markers allows for easy manipulation – wet the surface prior to the ink drying completely and create luminous watercolour effects and translucent washes, or keep it dry to keep linework crisp. Ironlak’s range of Aquarelle products are fully compatible with alcohol based markers, including the Ironlak Striker range, so there’s no limits to your creative expression. Features: Water based dye ink Vivid colour Water soluble Durable nylon brush tip Aeroplane safe Buy Now Find a retailer Water Soluble   Flow like water. Each Aquarelle Marker employs a water based dye ink that allows for dynamic, flowing strokes. The milled pigments used in the Aquarelle range are suspended within water, creating a fluid ink that’s a dream to work with on paper. Create captivating washes and stunning colour transitions, or bold clean lines – the medium is flexible enough to allow for both. Where traditional dye-based inks dissolve in solvent, water based systems retain pigment shape – allowing you to create a wide range of visual effects.
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